Advance Research & Development Centre – Indore

For a brief , Fenton Chemicals is the leading manufacturer of Emulsifiers all over India.

We develop tailor made emulsifiers best suited for your formulations. We do not charge any fee for developing emulsifiers specific to your formulations.
You simply have to provide a 500 ml sample of your formulations . Your formulation can be based on essential oils , vegetable oils , mineral oils , solvents , toxicants , synthetic oils , lubricants ,etc.

Note - The Effectiveness of your formulations simply depends on how well your active ingredients ( oils ) disperse and break into nano particles and gives the best emulsion stability.
This is why you need the best emulsifier specific to your formulations.

How does it benefit you ?

1. You don't have to take extra burden of developing emulsifiers .
2. We have a highly experienced team of IIT graduates who keep expertise in emulsifiers and surfactants technology .
3. We take care of parameters like emulsion stability , compatibility , dispersion , mositure content , pH , surface tension , Critical micelle conc , viscocity ,  thermodynamic stability.
4. Emulsifier will be specifically developed for your company .
5. The better the emulsifiers , better the effectiveness of your formulations.
6. We assure you of developing emulsifier within 10 days of receiving your samples and completely free of cost.
7. We have a highly equipped laboratory with all the modern equipments for testing and development.

Who can benefit  ?

1. Bio pesticides manufacturers.
2. Pesticides , Insecticides and Herbicides mfgs.
3. Room freshners industry
4. Lubricants , Cutting oils manufacturers
5. Ayurvedic and herbal oil based formulators
6. Essential oil and synthetic oil based formulators
7. Any company making oil based products .